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I guess I could have just said no.

Dear Mr. Chanpney,

I saw your Candelier thingy online and liked it a lot.  I wish I could could buy one but it but seems to expensive.  Could you tell me how to make one, I figured I could just make one myself.



Dear ———,

Oh, sure, that’s easy.  I know they can be a bit pricey, sorry about that.  Here is all you will need to complete one of those “Candelier thingies”:

-15 grams of wax based modeling clay

-assorted clay sculpting tools

-200 grams of tin based silicone

-15 lbs of platinum based silicone

-62 lbs of clear color match ready acrylic resin

-2 oz each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink dye

-25 tongue depressors

-6 1 gallon paper buckets

-8 1 gallon clear plastic jugs

-12 sleeves

-proper ventilation system

-1 smock

-16 8oz paper cups

-1 stir stick

-1 box of rubber gloves

-1 roll of paper towels

-1 box of tissues

-2 30 gallon pressure pots

-1 small vacuum chamber

-300 4” steel needles

-1 roll of heavy duty tin foil

-2 12” x 12” acrylic plates

-8 12” x 1” acrylic strips

-2 2oz bottles of super glue

-2 cans of mold release

-4  1 gallon plastic bags

-150 grams of soft oil based modeling clay

-2 sheets each of 220, 320, 400, 500 grit sand paper

-polishing tools

-phillips head screw driver, small and large

-flat head screw driver, small and large

-key knife

-pliers, small and large set

-power drill

-tap and dye set

-assorted drill bit sizes

-2 pencils

-1 sharpie, black

-1 roll of electrical tape

-tape measurer


-2 surgical razors with about 6 replacement blades

-1 x acto knife with about 6 replacement blades



-note pad



-aluminum ring and pan assembly (31” diameter)

-31” diameter white acrylic disk with laser cut 1300+ dot matrix

-2 6” diameter clear disks with matching laser cut dot matrix

-3 6” long  ¼”diameter bolts with nuts

-3 5 1/2 “ long aluminum sleeves

-1 light fixture

-1 50 watt cfl bulb

-2 wire nuts

-14 #32 screws

-light mounting hardware

-pan mounting hardware

-1 can of high heat white spray paint

-fine steal wool

-needle tool

-tin snips

-2 nails -6 penny

-2 small baggies

-14,500 of your previously hand cast acrylic bears

-15,000 #10 glass beads

-3 sewing needles

-3500 feet of braided nylon cord

-4 1’ long 1/4 “ threaded rods

-4 collets

-4 threaded hooks

-4 S hooks

-6 4” long heavy duty bolts

-1 36” x 36” ½” thick plywood

-2 short stools

-6 small holding containers

-45 24” x 24” sheets of sturdy card board

-1 pair of scissors

-1 rolling chair

-1 pair of safety glasses

Optional crate for storage or delivery:

-2 4’ x 8’ sheets of ½” plywood

-4 4’ x 8’ sheets of ¼” plywood

-529’ of 1” x 2”s

-1 table saw

-1 chop saw

-1 jig saw

-150+ 1 ½” wood screws

-builders square

-9 twist ties

-55’ of butcher’s paper

-and a few other things from the previous list will be needed to complete your crate

-working knowledge of the following: sculpting, molding, casting, carpentry, crafting, designing, and prototyping.

-additional rudimentary knowledge is recommended in: metal spinning, laser cutting, painting, electrical engineering, shipping, physics, illustrator, autocad.

Now that you have assembled all of your tools and accoutrements, all that is left is:

Step 1.

-Figure it out yourself.  I didn’t have a set of directions when I created it in the first place.  Good luck and have fun with your DIY “Candelier Thingy”

Hope this helps you out.

-Kevin Champeny

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